As someone who just passed the 50 year mark, this title was particularly intriguing to me I m competitive guy when I race, not in the sense that I m vying for the podium, but by the fact that I m always trying to better my times This book felt like it was aimed squarely at folks like me.
The gist of this book is, what can we do as we grown older to maintain as much of our performance as possible The author researched this idea at length and came to a few conclusions, the primary being Training fast iseffective than training long The idea is that pushing yourself to your aerobic and lactate thresholds is important at all ages, but especially so at an advanced age He compared studies among older athletes and showed evidence that am Too technical for meI really enjoyed the early chapters, that emphasized the need for high intensity exercise to stave off the effects of aging But the latter chapters were highly technical The information may be invaluable of you place a high priority on getting on a platform after a race But while I want to be faster, I run to increase my quality of life when I m not running.

Incredibly comprehensive and motivating I learned so much about training from this book This book has a series of articles written by different authors Many of the chapters were interesting to me including Chapter 8 Body Fat insulin resistance by Tim Noakes menopause by Gale BernhardtI also enjoyed reading about high intensity training and recovery differences in older athletes and the appendix is useful with 3 guides for workouts, field tests and measuring intensity I ll definitely refer back to this book for reference I liked it My take home message was to do a fair amount of high intensity interval training, which is something I love, but I must choose either HiiT or running as my focus for a particular season because I get overuse injuries if I try to do both I recommend it though to anyone who likes to read a lot of different stuff about elderly athletes like myself and the author.
If you are and have been a serious athlete then this book will help you to coninue maximising your performance A wealth of knowledge and information Fast after Fifty contains useful information even if you are a total amateur like I am I ve used it to help me understand the science behind fitness and training Û Fast After 50 ↠´ Lots of good info A little too complex and impractical for the average serious amateur athlete I think.
Expensive gizmos and testing is a little out of my price range, although it would be cool to do.
browsed through it encouraging book.
AfterIs For Every Endurance Athlete Who Wants To Stay Fast For Years To ComeFor Runners, Cyclists, Triathletes, Swimmers, And Cross Country Skiers, Getting Older Doesn T Have To Mean Getting Slower Drawing From The Most Current Research On Aging And Sports Performance, Joe Friel America S Leading Endurance Sports Coach Shows How Athletes Can Race Strong And Stay Healthy Well Past Age In His Groundbreaking Book Fast After , Friel Offers A Smart Approach For Athletes To Ward Off The Effects Of Age Friel Shows Athletes How To [Joe Friel] Ú Fast After 50 [funny PDF] read Online Í Extend Their Racing Careers For Decades And Race To Win Fast AfterPresents Guidelines For High Intensity Workouts, Focused Strength Training, Recovery, Crosstraining, And Nutrition For High Performance How The Body S Response To Training Changes With Age, How To Adapt Your Training Plan, And How To Avoid OvertrainingHow To Shed Body Fat And Regain Muscle DensityHow To Create A Progressive Plan For Training, Rest, Recovery, And CompetitionWorkout Guidelines, Field Tests, And Intensity MeasurementIn Fast After , Joe Friel Shows Athletes That Age Is Just A Number And Race Results Are The Only Numbers That CountWith Contributions From Mark Allen, Gale Bernhardt, Amby Burfoot, Dr Larry Creswell, John Howard, Dr Tim Noakes, Ned Overend, Dr John Post, Dr Andrew Pruitt, And Lisa Rainsberger The fountain of youth I have tried this and am starting to see improvements in my aerobic performance I m fifty now and this really changed the way I exercise.

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