While it s tough to describe going long briefly, here s the deal if you had to choose one book to help you go 140.
6, this is it These two acknowledged experts present traditional, baseline training advice covering the business of the swimming, biking, and running and so muchSee, the longer the distance you race, the trickier it gets This covers pretty much everything from developing mental prep toughness to nailing the taper the period of physiological peak fitness you achieve prior to race day Advice on selecting gear, preventing common injuries, optimal diet, strength training, and for race day itself control your arousal and avoid riding too hard when taken out of context is pretty funny is solid Entries make you a stronger, healthier, smarter competitor and are completely realistic lack of sleep is probably the single greatest challenge facing most wo I used Gordo Byrn as a coach through his online coaching platform called Endurance Corner He is an excellent coach and his system is based on the principles of this book This is a great book for anyone who is serious about performance in long course triathlon My triathlon days, however, are long over.
Friel is a very calculating author and if you follow his program, you will see excellent results The only problem is trying to follow his rigorous schedule Whileexperienced Triathletes with fairly flexible schedules may not have a problem, those who work long hours or are not very strong may have a tough time following it Either way, I think this is a good read for any Triathlete, especially if you have read the other books and are thinking about doing some longer distance races like half or full Ironmans.

Apparently I didn t put this on Goodreads the first time around A solid piece of work with a heavy focus on form economy and building endurance, as expected for Iron distance training I also find some of the strength workuseful that than in Triathlete s Training Bible the overlap between the two is small I have incorporated several things into my training some of the strength exercises, the hip flexibility routine, using run walk in training, lots of balance posture work.
If you are going to do a half ironman distance or longer race, you have to read this book and stick with the guidance therein I attribute the nutrition tips in the book with assisting me in finishing my Ironman It s quite dull in many parts, but it has everything you need opther than a bike, wetsuit, and sneakers.
Very good book for training for Triathlons and an Ironman It gives great insight on what it takes to get there, what you need to do, what to eat, how to train, etc It s a very easy read and very easy to pick up and learn new things each time.
I wouldn t recommend it unless you re actually training for something, otherwise it d be a little ridiculous.
Going Long: Training for Ironman-Distance Triathlons (Ultrafit Multisport Training Series) Ó Excellent resource for understanding what is involved in the longer distance triathlons I am not racing these distances yet but am counselling athletes who are, and this will help a great deal to grasp the complexities and details of these race lengths.
Book Guides Weekend Triathletes In Getting The Most Out Of Their Training Time And Helps Serious Triathletes Get Maximum Physical And Mental Benefit From Training Chapters Cover The Basics Of Training And Fitness Training Specifics For Swim, Bike, And Marathon Mental Strategies And Sample Training Plans, Photographs, Charts, Tables And Case Studies Are Also [Joe Friel] ✓ Going Long: Training for Ironman-Distance Triathlons (Ultrafit Multisport Training Series) [eunuch PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Included I use this as a great reference book and view it as one of the gold standards for Triathlon training I knocked off a star because I didn t read it like a normal book, but jumped around a lot to the sections I was working on or referencing at the time.
Reread this very complete guide for training for multi sport It has obviously a lot of overlap with Friel s Triathlon Training Bible, but adds a lot, with a specific focus on what it takes to finish or race a full IM distance Must read for all aspiring Ironmen and Iron Ladies

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