The book for this review was called Midnight Feast, but the book was about different short stories by different authors, which I think, is really amazing The stories I liked about this book were A Polish Christmas by Eoin Colfer and Danse Macabre by Katherine Langrish Here are the scenes I liked on both of the books A Polish Christmas Feliks steeled himself with deep breaths, then stomped down the corridor to the room his granddaughter shared with her mother He went in the door, talking Now listen here, Lucja, he began, but the scolding withered in his throat Lucja was already asleep Her pillow was wet with tears Feliks felt his resolve drain like water from a cracked vessel.
Danse Macabre I m very sorry, Madame, said Dr Acton Philip, what do you know about this But Philip knew nothing He looked pale, with black rings under his eyes H some of the stories are really boring and long, one of them is kinda creepy, and the others i really like

I picked this up because Oliver Jeffers was a contributing artist for a story There were certainly some weird stories in here Darren Shan s sticks out as incredibly strange and silly I loved reading all the short bits from all the names I haven t yet gotten around to reading I especially enjoyed Chris D Lacey s I Remember, and plan on doing that sometime just bits of his life, random memories I was also unimpressed by Anthony Horowitz For the popularity of his Alex Rider series, I expected better writing But maybe the stories and action makes up for it in the longer forms.
Sometimes when reading these collection books I leave the pages with a feeling that things were just getting interesting or that the small glimpse of some part that belongs to the bigger picture was too brief to get into the story properly And that is what usually diminishes the joy I get out of anthologies collections Or sometimes they are just written badly This book had a bit of both in it With some authors you see that they have just thrown something towards the editors to get off the hook without any real effort behind it And some stories wereor less fun.
Best Book eva 3 D ↠´ Midnight Feast (Warchild) á I nice little collection of stories from some of the top children s authors Great for a quick, easy read New Stories From Your Fave Bestselling Authors And All For A Great Cause The Blockbusting, Bumper Anthology For Children Is Back, In The Name Of Both Entertainment And Charity Midnight Feast Is Packed Full Of Exclusive Stories And Exciting Illustrations And Best Of All,For Every Copy Sold Goes Straight To War Child And No StringsFeaturing An Introduction By Fearne Cotton, Midnight Feast Includes Stories And Artwork By The Best Authors And Illustrators In The Business Including Darren Shan, Anthony Horowitz, Meg [ read Online Midnight Feast (Warchild) ð star-trek-original-series PDF ] by Meg Cabot ð Cabot, Eoin Colfer, Garth Nix, Joe Craig, Kath Langrish, Brian Jacques, Oliver Jeffers, Jonathan Stroud, Maeve Friel, Annie Dalton, Margaret Mahy, Helen Dun, Chris D Lacey, Jamie Oliver, Tony Hart And Eleanor Updale

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